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Thread: Confused whether i would get General surgery with my usmle step-1 score !!!

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    Confused whether i would get General surgery with my usmle step-1 score !!!

    i got a score of 223 on step 1, i took the exam a month back. the mean score was 222 and SD was 24, do u think there is any chance for me to match into a general surgery program. Presently I'm working as a research fellow in a my country (India), and will be presenting papers. I'm applying for externships, but not finding any surgical externship. Please let me know what are my chances if there are any. thank you

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    First of all Congratulations for clearing usmle step-1 exam with the score of 223 which is above mean score. Above mean will be always a decent score. You can improve your usmle step-2 ck score and can show your improvement from here onwards. Completing usle step-3 exam with above mean can improve your chances to great extent.

    Coming to your choice of residency program General surgery, we can say that doors are open but difficult compared to other primary care programs like Internal medicine,pediatrics etc. We can say that getting 240-250+ in usmle ck, 230+ in usmle step-3 exam along with some Observership or externship would definitely make you a competitive candidate. If you do not get externship in General surgery then try some kind of Observership. Even then if you do not find any general surgery USCE then try for externship/observership in other specialties.

    Consider applying to other programs along with General surgery. You can apply other programs as a back up to make sure that you can get in to some decent program like IM and Pediatrics if not General surgery. Anything can be possible in usa with good contacts. As you said presenting papers and other things can improve your application. So consider maximum possible options to strengthen your CV.

    All the best and keep going with positive attitude. Feel free to ask any questions related to usmle exams. thank u
    Thanks & Regards

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